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The Task:

Improve to sell a 4 bedroom/1 bath home through a complete gut remodel.

The Challenge

This project was a full gut upgraded remodel on a budget. Midway through the project, however, the investor requested significant changes to the approved scope, including refinishing the raw basement and relocating light fixtures and doors in the main living area. The sudden change required us to relocate the newly installed HVAC, ductwork and hot water heater, as well as add an additional designated laundry area. There were also previous code violations that needed to be abated.

The Homeshield Solution

While this sudden change in direction can easily throw a job in a loop, our experienced team worked closely with our architect and their designers to achieve the investor’s new requirements. We installed new hardwood flooring throughout the living spaces, except for the bedrooms, which received fresh carpeting. We also installed new ceramic tiles in the bathroom and kitchen as well as a tile backsplash. We worked closely with the city to abate all previous code violations, and later received compliments that they appreciated our due diligence



38%Net Increase In Value

The Result

Purchased for: $206,000
Improvement cost: $116,500
Sold for: $445,000
Net Increase: 38%

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