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Cherrywood Town

The Task:

Improve a home to sell it at a greater return.

The Challenge

The challenge of this project was two-fold. Firstly, the client came to us with an urgent need to complete the job within an extremely tight timeframe after the original contractor they hired disappeared without notice. Secondly, the client initially asked for a simple refresh, however,  midway through the project the client requested additional upgrades.

The Homeshield Solution

In accordance with the client’s request, we got to work quickly on the refresh: Fresh paint, minor repairs, and appliances. When the client requested an upgrade midway, we replaced the kitchen cabinets and countertops. Then, we removed all the engineered hardwood flooring and replaced it with ¾” hardwood flooring to achieve the client’s vision.




The Result

Commercial purchase as part of large property pool
Improvement cost: $28,000
Sold for: $265,000

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